"We launched Safyr specifically to meet requirements of India's domestic pharmaceutical packaging market"

Scott Gaddis,,
Global Business Leader, Healthcare Products, Honeywell
Scott Gaddis, Global Business Leader, Healthcare Products, Honeywell shares his insights on Safyr, a high -moisture barrier thermoformable film recently launched by Honeywell and company's commitment towards developing industry leading packaging solutions that can deliver increased competitive advantage, in an email interaction with Mahesh Kallayil.

Can you please tell us about the presence of Honeywell PMT in India ?
Honeywell invents and manufactures technologies to address some of the world's toughest challenges initiated by revolutionary macrotrends in science, technology and society. With approximately 127,000 employees worldwide, including more than 22,000 technologists, we have an unrelenting commitment to quality and delivering results in everything we make and do .

Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies(PMT) is a global leader in developing advanced materials, process technologies and automation solutions . PMT's Advanced Materials businesses manufacture a wide variety of high -performance products, including environmentally friendlier refrigerants and materials used to manufacture end products such as bullet-resistant armor, nylon, computer chips and pharmaceutical packaging.

Honeywell's Healthcare and Packaging business produces Honeywell Aclar barrier films. Aclar helps pharmaceutical packaging professionals lower their packaging costs, improve the flexibility of their operations, and increase overall profitability. Aclar films are based on poly-chloro-tri -fluoro-ethylene(PCTFE) fluoropolymer technology and have excellent moisture barrier and chemical stability properties. Our films are available in a variety of gauges and barrier levels and protect some of the world's most important medications in all climates and environments. Aclar film can also reduce overall pack size and is crystal clear, enabling the customer to uniquely brand their products and bring them to market in the next generation of cost effective patient centric packaging.

For more than 40 years, Honeywell and Aclar have been the trusted choice for pharmaceutical packaging. Today, Aclar thermoformable films are used in a broad range of markets including originator and generic pharmaceutical, over -the-counter (OTC) pharmaceutical and animal health packaging. Not only does Honeywell's Aclar barrier film have an impeccable track record for quality and protection, Aclar also comes with a dedicated service and pack design team that ensures seamlessly fitment with the end user's process.

Recently, Honeywell announced the launch of Safyr(pronounced: sapphire), a high-moisture barrier thermoformable film designed specifically to meet the requirements of India's pharmaceutical packaging market.

Could you please tell more about Safyr? How it going to meet the requirements of India's domestic pharmaceutical packaging market? How will it help to lower overall packaging cost?
Safyr is a CTFE-based polymer with excellent moisture barrier properties and has been designed specifically for the domestic market. A very cost -effective product, Safyr affords manufacturers with design flexibility and performs better than its alternatives. Honeywell has optimised Safyr to meet regulatory requirements specific to the domestic pharmaceutical push-through packaging market in India. That, and the fact that Safyr has a standardisation of SKU, all help in process and cost optimisation.

Some of the product's key benefits include:
  • Safyr gives flexibility: Cold form foil or foil strip packs no longer need to be the primarily chosen package formats to pass stability. Safyr film, available in a 2 mil (51) thickness, will likely pass stability for most of the commonly prescribed drugs in India . By utilising a thermoforming platform, pharmaceutical companies can decrease their pack size versus foil formats and increase pack density, while improving patient acceptance.
  • Safyr lowers overall packaging costs: With Safyr films, packaging capacity can be increased with the same line speed, allowing significant reduction in capital expenditure for new or additional blisterlines - thus increasing the manufacturer's overall equipment efficiency (OEE). The reduced pack size means fewer raw materials, including primary packaging material, lid stock and secondary packaging, leading to reduced total cost of goods.
  • Safyr performs better than alternatives: Other competitive thermo formable offerings on the market are brittle, require special storage conditions and have shelf-life limitations. In addition, these materials can corrode equipment and tooling during processing, resulting in higher maintenance and tooling costs. Safyr does not yellow over time; has a longer storage life versus alternatives; requires no pre-conditioning prior to operational use; and will not corrodetooling and equipment.
What are the various competitive strategies you have maintained to stay in the top rung with this product?
Safyr is a thermoformable material, thus providing all the benefits of a thermoforming packaging platform versus cold form foil. These benefits include, but aren't limited to, smaller pack size, increased pack density, faster processing, and improved patient acceptance.In addition, Safyr is transparent, allowing the drug to be seen, which aids in identifying and accessing the the drug in the pack.

Over and above the product's benefits already detailed, Safyr is priced competitively against the next best alternative product in the Indian market - a price more suited to the purchase trends of the domestic market. In addition, Safyr is not bound to the production process designed specifically for Aclar. Safyr will also be offered in only one thickness, in one width, and in one length - with no exceptions, allowing Honeywell to further maximize efficiencies in the manufacturing process and control costs.

Aligned with this vision, our focus in our first year is on making our customers aware of this exciting new offering which will gives them an alternative to existing packaging platforms.

What kind of growth are you looking at in the Indian market?
India is an integral part of Honeywell's global growth strategy. Around 15,000 employees across India leverage the strength of Honeywell's 127,000 global workforce, to deliver innovative technologies to customers and help them improve energy efficiency, safety, security and productivity, which are key imperatives for India. Each of our three businesses
  • Aerospace, Automation and Control Solutions, and PMT- has well established operations in India.
  • An eight-decade India legacy
  • Around 15,000 employees, including 8,000 engineers, across 50 cities
  • Seven manufacturing locations in Chennai, Dehradun, Pune, Gurgaon, and Vadodara
  • Five technology and engineering centers in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Madurai and Gurgaon
Please appraise us on Honeywell's recent acquisition of the Seelze from Sigma-Aldrich?
In December 2015, Honeywell completed the acquisition of the Seelze, Germany -based laboratory research chemicals business from Sigma-Aldrich, broadening Honeywell's offerings for high-purity solutions for drug discovery, medical diagnostic testing and other laboratory applications.

The acquisition includes the Fluka - branded solvents and inorganic chemistry portfolio worldwide and the Sigma-Aldrichbranded solvents and inorganic chemistry portfolio in the European Economic Area(EEA). Those offerings are now part of Honeywell's broader portfolio of offerings for research chemicals, which already includes the Riedel-de Han and Burdick & Jackson brands.